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Most Recent HDRFFG Data Products

Experimental advisory products of the HDRFFG. Please contact Meteo-France Martinique and the Haiti and Dominican Republic Weather Services for official interpretations, assessments and warnings.

Regional 03-hr Mean Areal Precipitation (MAP)

Product Description

Total Mean Areal Precipitation (MAP) in mm/3hrs estimated over the last three hours ending on the current hour for each small basin delineated within the Hispaniola island.

The MAP is bias-adjusted rainfall using rainfall estimates from the NOAA-NESDIS HydroEstimator and climatological bias adjustment based on a few raingauges with historical data. The MAP product is input for soil water estimation in each small basin.

Regional 01-hr Average Soil Moisture (ASM)

Product Description

Basin-average soil saturation fraction for each small basin of the Hispaniola island and for the upper soil layer (up to 30cm deep).

Regional 03-hr Flash Flood Guidance (FFG)

Product Description

Flash Flood Guidance in mm/3hrs: Three-hourly mean areal precipitation volume (mm/3hrs) necessary to cause bankfull flow at the outlet of each basin delineated within the Hispaniola island. The volume is assumed to fall during the 3 hours following the most recent (current) model processing hour.

Mean areal precipitation volumes of the same duration that are greater than the Flash Flood Guidance estimate shown for specific basins indicate a likelihood of overbank flows at the outlet of these basins.