“The Flash Flood system developed by HRC provides earlier and more precise warnings and is critical for our agency's contribution to saving lives throughout Costa Rica."
- Rosario Alfaro, Forecast Meteorologist, Instituto Meteorológico Nacional de Costa Rica, 2006

About Us

The Hydrologic Research Center (HRC) was established in 1993 as a non-profit research, technology transfer, and training organization. HRC was created to help bridge the large gap existing between scientific research in hydrology and applications for the solution of important societal problems that involve water. With each innovative idea, perspective, assembly of established ideas, or design, HRC seeks to establish the feasibility of our innovations. Many prototype systems and demonstration projects produced by HRC enhance, inspire, or form the basis of successful operational systems that preserve natural resources, further economic interests, and save lives. The Hydrologic Research Center is a public benefit nonprofit organization with 501(c) (3) status in the United States. Please also visit hrc-lab.org for additional information about the Center, its work and its Staff.

Our Focus

The Hydrologic Research Center (HRC) develops solutions to urgent societal needs such as improving water resources planning and management in a changing climate, and developing and implementing flash flood forecast and warning systems that empower local forecasters and disaster management agencies to prevent flooding disasters and mitigate disaster impacts. Philanthropic support can help HRC focus on disaster prevention and effective use of precious water resources throughout the world, especially in Least Developed and Developing countries. Local authorities collaborate with HRC to develop needed systems and HRC trains host agencies who eventually take over operations, thus creating a lasting, sustainable community development.

HRC also seeks donations to develop or implement programs in areas such as:

Vientiane, Laos WorkshopVientiane, Laos Workshop
  • Flash Flood Warning System more>
  • Water resources management or disaster prevention project development in developing countries world wide;
  • Training and capacity building for scientists, engineers, water managers, and disaster response professionals from developing countries through on-site or long-distance training programs;
  • Meteorologists Without Borders Program to help Least Developed countries improve their support to their countries in light of global climate change
  • Hands-on training of postdoctoral and graduate students at HRC

Donations And Funding

We are in the process of seeking additional donors for the remainder of the required funding to fully implement the program globally.


Current News

  • HRC announces signing of an international agreement to help warn for flash floods around the world. more >

HRC Outreach

Science Matters During 2008 Dr. Eylon Shamir of HRC volunteered his services with the “Water Initiative” program at the Elementary Institute of Science in San Diego. The Institute is a non-profit science and technology learning center for youth of various ages. The Water Initiative is an educational program that is geared for ages 13-15 in which the participants study and develop projects related to local water issues. Dr. Shamir gave a presentation on water conservation issues in San Diego and he also mentored a group of students in the creation of a pamphlet and a presentation that addresses past, present, and future availability of water resources in the San Diego region as well as an evaluation of various conservation measures.

Contact Information

Hydrologic Research Center Attention: Mr. Robert Jubach
12555 High Bluff Dr, Ste 255
San Diego, CA 92130
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