Our research and development work has beneficial applications throughout the world; solving water-related issues from the arid sand dunes of northeastern Africa to the rain drenched tropical forests of the Rio Chagres in Panama.

HRC Global Flash Flood Program
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Research and Technology Transfers Projects at HRC involve management, estimation, uncertaintly analysis, and prediction on time scales from real-time to weeks for hydrologic variables such as precipitation, soil moisture, channel flow, and river discharge. Information about hydrologic variables form the basis for data collection, dissemination, flood warning, and reservoir management systems designed and implemented by HRC.

A brief description of completed and current projects are can be found by selecting the title links below. Projects are arranged alphabetically. Site-specific projects are described, yet keep in mind that most projects at HRC generally have global applicability.

    Investigate benefits of climate forecast information for management of Panama Canal
2012 Hurricane Sandy Case Study
Precipitation & Soil Moisture Animations
HDRFFG FFG Flash Flood Guidance
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Climate, Hydrology and
Water Management