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Areas of Expertise

  • Science
  • Coupled Climate-Hydrologic Forecasting
  • Predictive Hydrologic Modeling
  • State-Space Updating and Assimilation
  • Rainfall Microphysics
  • Diagnostic Hydroclimatology
  • Soil Moisture Processes and Variability
  • Land-surface / Atmosphere Interactions
  • Convective Processes and Variability
  • Human Health, Climate and Hydrology
  • Engineering
  • Precipitation estimation, analysis and forecasting with satellite, radar, and raingauge data.
  • Flow forecasting and simulation with spatially lumped and distributed hydrologic/hydraulic models
  • Operational management of reservoir hydrosystems using coupled forecast-control models
  • Design and implementation of prototype flash flood warning systems
  • Estimation of hydrologic risk
  • Design, implementation, and testing of water resources decision support systems
  • Technology Transfer, Education, and Training
  • Implementation of prototype systems for hydroclimatologic forecasting
  • Implementation of prototype integrated systems for measurement, forecast and control in support of water resources planning and management
  • Hydrometeorological Operations in Support of Disaster Management
  • Postdoctoral Associate training
  • Student internships
  • Short courses
  • Graduate and undergraduate university courses
  • Teaching materials, including internet-based and video training materials
  • Establishment of educational exchange programs with Universities and Federal and State Agencies
2012 Hurricane Sandy Case Study
Precipitation & Soil Moisture Animations
HDRFFG FFG Flash Flood Guidance
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Climate, Hydrology and
Water Management